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$100.00 + tax

Your own natural eyelashes are lifted and tinted black. Results last up to 8 weeks with no upkeep, making this the most simple + longest lasting lash procedure out there!  What are you waiting for?



$650 + tax
Includes one complementary touch up at 6-8 weeks

Lip blush is a natural looking lip tint that will enhance your entire appearance. We can create the perfect lip shape, correct asymmetry and restore colour in the borders where it naturally fades with age/sun and other factors. I custom mix a pigment to compliment your skin tone which gives you a healthy, youthful glow!

Whether you want a natural result or a "lipstick look" this procedure is completley customizable. Have a favourite lip colour or have pictures for inspiration? Bring them to your appointment!



$650 + tax
Includes one complementary touch up at 6-8 weeks, however with a neutrilization you may need an additional 1-2 sessions in order to achieve desired result (find touch up pricing under "permanent makeup touch ups" tab)

In order to achieve a nude or pink lip colour, we must first cancel out the dark, cool tones in the lip. 

To do this we go back to basic colour theory and use opposites to cancel each factor out. Example: I will use warm pigment tones to cancel out cool lip tones, a light value to cancel out a dark value, and orange/yellow pigment hues to cancel out purple/blue hues in the lips. 

This neutralization process usually takes 1-2 sessions but sometimes can take more depending on the lips. Once completed the lips will be a soft, natural nude/pink colour. Now that the lips are neutralized, client can either keep this natural nude/pink look or move forward with their target lip colour! 



From $125 + tax

Need to book an additional appointment or coming back for a refresh? This is for you!

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Camouflage Scars/Burns, Self-Harm Scars, Stretch Marks, Radiation Markers + More. Launching Fall 2021

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