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How Long Does Lip Blush Tattoo Last?

2-3 years. You have the option to maintain your tattoo with touch up appointments or you can let your tattoo naturally fade away over time. It happens slowly and softly - you won't notice the colour fading on a day to day basis, but when you look back on pictures of the fresh tattoo you will notice the fading. Read about how to care for your tattoo under the "Pre+Post Care" tab.

How Long is the Lip Blush Appointment?

Start to finish the appointment typically takes 2.5 to 3 hours. This includes our consultation, photos (optional), colour selection, pre-draw, numbing, tattoo process and aftercare preparation. I have music playing in the studio, but if you'd like to bring headphones for music or a podcast you can do so.

Is Lip Blush Painful?

Your lips will be numbed with a topical anesthetic prior to tattooing. It is not painful, just a bit uncomfortable and lips can become sensitive by the end of appointment. If you are worried about pain, you can take 1-2 Tylenol 30 minutes prior to appointment. Do NOT take Advil as it is a blood thinner and will make you more sensitive, same goes for caffeine and alcohol!

What is the Lip Blush Healing Process Like?

Every client is different, but if you follow the proper aftercare it is a very simple and quick healing process. Usually it takes about 4-5 days for the top layer of the lips to heal. It will first just appear as you are wearing lipstick and then they become quite dry. They will feel normal again after a few days, however the full colour will not show until all layers of the lip have healed (6 weeks). If you are a dark lip neutralization it is possible for the lips to appear patchy, uneven or dark during these 6 weeks - so after 7 days of healing you are able to wear lipstick over the tattoo if desired.

How Do We Pick a Colour for Lip Blush?

If you have a favourite lipstick you can bring it in with you. I also recommend finding photos on my Instagram or a bring in a celebrities photo for inspiration. I will work with you to colour match, and I can also create a custom colour for you based on your skin tone and features to compliment you best. If it is a Lip Neutralization appointment we will first need to neutralize the lips before using your target colour.

What's the Difference Between Natural Lip Blush + Dark Lip Neutralization? Which One Should I Book?

Natural Lip Blush is for those with a 1 or 2 Fitzpatrick skin tone. Fitzpatrick skin tones 3-6 will typically need a lip neutralization to cancel hyperpigmentation in the lip, otherwise the pink/nude colours tattooed would not show up. Unsure of which one to book? Send me a picture of your lips and I will be able to help!

What is a Dark Lip Neutralization?

This process involves evening out lip colour and cancelling hyperpigmentation or cool tones in the lips. If we skipped this step, the colour tattooed on the lips would not show or potentially make lips even more uneven or darker. To neutralize I use bright, warm pigments. When healed we are left with a soft, evenly pigmented nude/pink lip. A lot of clients are happy with this result, or we can continue on and use your target colour. Check out the "Dark Lip Neutralization" page to learn more.

Can I Get Lip Blush if I Have Lip Filler?

Yes! Lip blush tattoo and lip filler compliment each other very well. Just make sure these appointments are always at least 4 weeks apart from each other to allow proper setting and healing. If you don't have either and are unsure of which one to book first, I always recommend booking Lip Blush (waiting 4 weeks) then get your lip filler (wait another 4 weeks) and then coming back for your complementary Lip Blush 6-8 week touch up.

How do Touch Ups Work for Lip Blush?

Some clients prefer their tattoo to look fresh and defined so will book annual touch ups and other clients like to wait 1-3 years. If you came for your both initial and complementary 6-8 week touch up appointment and still would like more colour, you will need to book an additional touch up. Prices vary, check them out under "Permanent Makeup Touch Ups". To book a touch up, you will need to email Emily (Emily does not offer touch ups on other Artists work, previous clients only).

What if I Have a Lip Tattoo from a Different Artist? 

I do not tattoo over other artists work. If you have a tattoo from another artist, please contact me with photos of your lips and I will see what I can do (rare cases I may take the client). If you do not inform me about your previously tattooed lips and come to your appointment, I will have to cancel your appointment and your deposit will be forfeited.

Can you Tattoo Outside of the Lip Line?

Yes, but only by 2mm. Once we reach hair follicles or are no longer on the lip skin, I can not tattoo as it will heal a different colour and look unnatural.

Does Lip Blush Trigger Cold Sores?

Yes, it can trigger cold sores for those who carry the herpes simplex virus. If you are prone to cold sores please visit your doctor and get an antiviral medication and take it as followed. If you have never had a cold sore outbreak before, it is possible you are still a carrier and can have a outbreak. If this happens contact Emily and start applying Abreva immediately as directed. Cold sore outbreaks can alter the results of a healed tattoo so it is important to prevent them or treat them right away.

How Can I Pay?

Emily accepts cash, credit and e-transfer.

Where are you Located?

Our studio is located at 482 Queen Street West. Walk ins not available. Studio unit info will be sent once appointment is booked.

Can I Bring a Guest to my Appointment?

Unfortunately not! Emily has a small studio. If someone is dropping you off at the appointment there are many things to do, coffee shops and parks around the area. Emily can notify you when we are almost done appointment to let them know.

Can I Book Multiple Services?

Yes! If you would like to book a few services in the same time slot, please reach out to Emily when booking and she can assist.

Where is the Nearest Parking?

There is a large Green P parking lot (#106) located directly behind the studio. The address for this parking lot is 15 Denison Ave. 

There is parking on Queen St West as well, however it has a 3 hour limit and is only until 3 PM. 

What are your Sterilization Protocols for Tools and the Studio?

  • Emily was trained in sterilization by the leading beauty industry professionals.

  • All disposable tools are safety disposed of after each client (gloves, gauze, cotton swabs etc.)

  • All needles are single use, are in a sterilized package and opened infant of each client. They are the safety disposed of in a sharps container. 

  • Gloves are changed throughout procedure and a mask is worn throughout appointment. 

  • Entire studio, implements, tools, chair etc is sterilized with Cavicide Wipes after each client. 

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